Monday, August 31, 2009


Well, the last two weeks have been high drama in my life. Throwing, bisque firing, glazing & glaze firing my first 1/2 kiln have each had their own little dramas attached. I will photograph the results and I am happy with most. My Kiddush Cup for the Bet Tzedek show in Toront0 would have been better with one more attempt, but time has run out, so photo tomorrow, FedEx on Wednesday.

Now my Sophia is sick as is Dean, her dad. The doctor has seen them both and we are hoping they will be okay soon.

Aly has taken all of her GED tests and will get her certificate in 2 weeks. She is feeling good about herslf and I am very happy and proud of her.

Currently, I am taking John Britt's Basic Glaze Chemistry and Raw Material workshop and driving back and forth. Today was the first day and I am exhausted, but what a great workshop.

I now have my very own potter's wheel, thanks to a very sweet Brady, who is moving to New Mexico and sold me his year old Thomas Stewart Legend for $400. It is in my studio at Odyssey and awaits a Shehechianu (blessing for the first time).

I must sleep now!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

handles and 2nd Saturday Market

Last Sunday I was at John Britt Pottery with others learning about handle pulling, pushing, throwing and building. In 3 hours I made 1 good handle, and it wasn't even on one of the 14 vessels I brought for that purpose.

Yesterday, Oy Clay!!! Pottery (I) was part of the 2nd Saturday Artist Market hosted by Crazy Green Studios (Lori Theriault) in east West Asheville. It was a very hot day, but there was a small steady steam of patrons, who spent some money. It was fun making new friends like George and Noel in the Glassworks booth, Anthony Devito in his pottery booth, The Asheville Jugglers and others. This little market is growing and the word is getting out. Be there in September!!!