Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So Much Going on at Once

Well, spring has come to the mountains so early this year, there was hardly a winter for reflection.  Bears hibernate, people reflect.   Perhaps the push into spring is a good thing.  There is also a push in my studio and my home to get things organized and welcoming.  This is the year my house becomes a place to invite people for meals and gatherings.  I am tired of being so isolated and reclusive.

Of course, these decisions create such a mess to begin with, but out of chaos, beauty, they say.  Whomever "they" are.  It is also said that if you write it down, it's easier to get it done. So, here is the list of things to be done:


Sand and paint new work table.
Wash all tools, bats molds and surfaces.
Sort out used tools from idle tools and trade.
Discard (in the easiest way) un-reclaimed clay.
Discard (in safest way) all unused glazes
Transfer all glaze materials in tightly lidded jars.
Clean and repair kiln brick, shelves and apply kiln wash,
Organize, organize and then, yes, ORGANIZE!
Install the under the shelf radio/CD player.



6 Hanukkiah
6 Seder Plates
6 Shabbat through Havdalah Sets (12 candlestick, 6 wine cups, 6spice boxes, 6 braided candle holders, 6 plates/trays)
12 Tzedakah Boxes
12 Mezuzah Cases
24 "Ancient Shards" for the Celebration Israel Excavation
24 Cups
24 Bowls
24 Plates

Tomorrow I'll start the list for the Office and Dining room.  :-{  help!