Friday, December 25, 2009

'It Shoulda Been Me' Revised

Woke up this morning
It's Christmas Day
I opened the cupboard
to put Kline away
and right there in front
Just happened to sit
In all of its glory
An oil spot Britt

'It shoulda been me
instead of the Kline
It shoulda been me
While you reclined
It shoulda been me
Full of Christmas wine'

Then came a rumble
from way in the back
Things started to tumble
and started to crack
A Sheehan and Copus
were charging ahead
It was hard to focus
When one of them said,

'It shoulda been me
instead of the Kline
It shoulda been me
While you reclined
It shoulda been me
Full of Christmas wine'

Now Sheehan you know
you're better for brew,
Theriault is for lemonade,
Tinnaro is too
Britt is for chocolate,
coffee and tea
A Tanner for soup,
or stew with no beef

But when I'm reclining
And drinking my wine
Nothing compares
to the feel of a Kline.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 24th

'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through my house
were Rosie's Hanukkah presents
a toy bone and mouse.

And on one of the tables
next to her toy bone
was a cup of Mike Kline's
of my very own.

A Britt, a Tanner,
a Flannigan-Bond,
a Theriault, a Tinnaro,
and the list goes on
of potters whose cups
I have at least one.

But though all the cups
all equally fine
somehow none can compare
to the feel of a Kline.

They each have their form
their whimsy and glaze
They are evenly thrown
and garner high praise.

But tonight as I sit
In my chair and recline
Watching TV
And drinking my wine
The wind is howling
The cheescake divine
Some how nothing compares
to the feel of a Kline.

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dug Out!!

No, it's not baseball season yet. Far from it, But, I am out of the house and feeling very very lucky and grateful that I was safe and warm. So many were without power and heat, as well as being stuck.

Went to the studio today, and only lost one pot to drying too quickly.

I've had some time to think about creating a line of work. Trying to create a signature of my own that will carry through the various pieces of Judaica is challenging. I could figure it out it I were creating a line of dishes and jugs, vases, etc. But something that will carry across the entire Jewish calendar...I don't know. Needs some more thought and some input from someone more experienced than I.

I have several motifs that I've been using, two color palates each for high fire and mid fire, however, none is appropriate for all.

Any input on this topic will be appreciated. Might be a great topic for Clay Club.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Days

Well, I am snowed in with about 8 inches against the back gate and in my patio. It's beautiful and I wish I could get the good camera out of my car and take better photos.

These are from my phone and the charger is in the car. My car is up to its pupic (belly button) in snow and my 100 year old tree may be sporting its last snow. She must come down soon.

Monday, December 14, 2009

No Furthur!!

Yes, it's spelled correctly. I didn't call on Friday at 10 am like I should have and the FURTHER concert sold out in minutes. I am bummed. My ex-husband's second ex-wife (I'm No.#1) and I were going to go together. I wanted to yell, "Let Bobby sing!!" one more time. Anyone out there with extra tickets, I need two. We didn't invite wife #3...she's not "ex". (resisting the temptation to add: yet. I do wish them well.)

I am hoping to get photos of my new work done. I am still reluctant to take them myself, even though I have take two or three sessions on "Photography for Potters". I am hoping JT will let me hire her once she feels better. I always seem to be three to six weeks behind in planning. Hanukkah will be over on Sunday, and I don't have my Hanukkiyiot (Menorahs) photographed and on the website. Not good. I need to have JT on retainer.

I've also started a 2010 calendar to send out to synagogues and to friends for the New Year. Next one will begin in September for the Jewish New Year. I didn't even think about it until this morning.

If anyone reads this, and knows how I can get the wood from a 100 year old tree processed for a wood kiln, let me know. My Silver Maple has to be taken down. I should take photos, but the camera is in the car and I am in the warm house.

More later...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Children of Abraham

It's so nice to find out that my music is still being played and heard out in the world. My congregation in Santa Monica recently performed my "Children of Abraham" at their annual event with the Muslim community, and I got word that someone from Women in Black organization in the UK heard it on Rhapsody streaming, and wants to include it in an event there are participating in regarding Middle East peace talks. I am honored to have them use it. You can hear it at: