Monday, December 14, 2009

No Furthur!!

Yes, it's spelled correctly. I didn't call on Friday at 10 am like I should have and the FURTHER concert sold out in minutes. I am bummed. My ex-husband's second ex-wife (I'm No.#1) and I were going to go together. I wanted to yell, "Let Bobby sing!!" one more time. Anyone out there with extra tickets, I need two. We didn't invite wife #3...she's not "ex". (resisting the temptation to add: yet. I do wish them well.)

I am hoping to get photos of my new work done. I am still reluctant to take them myself, even though I have take two or three sessions on "Photography for Potters". I am hoping JT will let me hire her once she feels better. I always seem to be three to six weeks behind in planning. Hanukkah will be over on Sunday, and I don't have my Hanukkiyiot (Menorahs) photographed and on the website. Not good. I need to have JT on retainer.

I've also started a 2010 calendar to send out to synagogues and to friends for the New Year. Next one will begin in September for the Jewish New Year. I didn't even think about it until this morning.

If anyone reads this, and knows how I can get the wood from a 100 year old tree processed for a wood kiln, let me know. My Silver Maple has to be taken down. I should take photos, but the camera is in the car and I am in the warm house.

More later...

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