Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting Back to Work - WORK!!!!

Moving into my own house studio was so exciting while I was planning it, and doing  it.  Arranging everything in my small studio, getting the kiln hooked up, I was so excited.  Then, without very much pot making going on, I realized that somewhere in my psyche, I equated the new studio with "now I have to do it.  I have to produce and make money.  I have to go to work. WORK!!!!" (a nod, of course to Maynard G. Crebbs).

In a way, the summer is the best time for this to happen, because my 'season' if there is one, starts in the fall.  I can take a week or two to chill and think and do other thinks to support a business, like, finally getting my Etsy Shop in order. (help).  Then I'll have 2-3 solid months to create inventory for fall and 2-3 solid months to create my spring pieces. 

And this year I wanted to put a show together, "The Seder Plate: The Story of a People".  So, I have a plan, I have shows booked for the fall and spring.  So, what is my problem???? I think I miss the energy that comes from working with other artists.  Going to the Toe River Tour was so much fun and the work was inspiring and I miss not being in the RAD.  I don't miss Odyssey, but I miss the artists there and the support from others in the District.  Just venting, I guess.  I can't really stay away from the clay, it in my blood now.  Just another crossroad, I guess.  New work coming next week.