Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do You Raku????

Today, as a last class with Terry Gess, we all got to raku fire two pieces we'd prepared for that purpose. Having never fired anything this way, I was fascinated by this relatively quick way to fire. At first it looked like each of us waited too long in getting the hot pieces into the reduction containers on the first round; however, most of the pieces were successfully fired, including mine. The vase was bisqued with several coats of two different terra sigilatta and clear glazed after being bisqued. The second vase was bisqued the same way, but I only put the glaze on the inside. The first piece was quite nice. The surface of the second piece did not achieve any interesting effect, and I decided to glaze it for a cone 4-5 refire. As soon as we find our camera, I can post the results. One certainly gets instant gratification with this process, and it seems like a kiln would not be hard to build. Hmmm...???

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