Monday, April 20, 2009

I'll Just Keep Blogging

So far, no one has chosen to follow my blog. I'm not quite sure what can be done about it, but Ill just keep blogging. So photos are taken and enough to start a site: I've got a small studio at Odyssey and I am working on finding a wheel that I can afford. Little by little, atep by step. I wish I was 20 years younger. Ah well, just a moment of fancy. I'd like to get my blog and wesite on Clay Club, but don't know how to leap from follower to contributor. Perhaps emily reason will know. I think she is Clay Club.

so many things to do and think about. More later, Now sleep.


  1. Hi Emily, make comments on other's blogs and they'll come to yours; it takes time though; some will comment but won't list themselves as followers and some will read, but won't comment. I caught the clay bug five years ago and I have it bad.

  2. Oh, you might add a blog roll to your blog of those that you read and then perhaps they'll add yours and then you'll get more traffic.

  3. Thanks Linda for the advice. I've been so busy getting ready for first. Trying not to be too excited and overworked. I am a newbie after all. A newbie ant 58 years old. I appreciate your input.

  4. Hi Emily, Just got to your blog (from Judy Shreve's, I believe). I don't even know what a 'follower' is! So by all means keep blogging if you enjoy it.
    I, too, am a late to the party potter. I had my first class 5 years ago when I was 67! And I too wish I had know how much this would mean to me many years ago--so much to catch up on! But, really, I could not have done it years ago. Had to wait for retirement.
    There is another blog that I enjoy, you may already know about it. Not a pottery blog--a Jewish one--the velveteen rabbi. If you have not found it yet do check it out. I'm not Jewish but I love that blog and find it very inspiring! Gay