Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So, April was a month of forced reflection and contemplation due to the unfortunate exposure to two different viruses.  My studio has been left untouched, and but for one very small firing, no work has been done.  However, several decisions have been made which, I believe, will improve production and leave me with time to be more creative and improve my product.

I have hired a part-time assistant, Andrew, whose experience and enthusiasm will be a great addition to my studio.  I have not seen his work, but he's a student at Warren Wilson, in his last year this Fall, and will be a summer resident at Odyssey.  I am looking forward to his help.

I have also acquired a small jewelry kiln, from Dawn, and fully intend to create a PMC Judaic line of pins/pendants, together with porcelain jewelry boxes for Pots & Pins.

Following up on one of my prior posts, my office/jewelry workshop/guest room is just about finished, and is looking really cool.  Just some finishing touches and clearing out of my daughter's things will complete the project.

My studio, as well, should be completely user friendly with the addition of a Scott Creek 4" extruder and an assistant to help organize, organize, organize!!!

On a personal note, my sweet Sophia became a 4 year old in April.  Aly-Rose was accepted into the nursing program at AB Tech, and Dean is two tests away from his GED and classes at AB Tech in Digital Graphics.  

Until next time, be kind, study and pray with your legs.  There's work to be done!

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