Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Burnsville, NC

Took a ride to Burnsville to show my plates to Alpine Design. The buyer for the gallery liked the plate I make for the Tu B'shvat seder plate and wanted some for consignment in the gallery, but could I make it a plate with soup cup/mug/bowl. I put several ideas together. She liked them all. Very happy!!!!

So, while I was up that way, I stopped by John's place to settle up for some workshops I want to take. On the little gravel road up to the studio there was the cutest turtle with a yellow and brown shell, and I could have sworn he had teeny tiny little glasses on. For a moment, I could have sworn an evil (?) witch had cast a spell on John and went to get my camera, which I was sure was in my purse with my wallet and checkbook. Of course, my purse was in my studio at Odyssey, rendering my trip "for no good reason" and making documentation of the mystical John-to-turtle event, impossible.

John, I tried to let the people know!!! Hope you haven't been squashed.

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