Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feeling Better

I went to the JCC "Newcomers" Pool Party today. I'd never been to this event, even though I'm not really a newcomer, I knew some people I know would be there and want to have some Jewish conversation. It was a nice morning, and I was able to get some perspective on this blue period I'm going through. I think more than a slump with the pottery, it's a homesickness for the people I love. I know I keep coming back to this and so, the trip to the JCC today. Mingled with many age-appropriate (for me) potential friends.

I am stting up my little photo studio tonight and hope to take photos for the website of additional pieces. I may need to take the Photo Workshop again. We'll see. I have to start using my camera more often, just around town. It's a good tool for inspirational ides of line and form I realize now why others post so many photos.

Lori is going to take my un-reclamed clay for her mix, so I can start over, There are so many bags of odds and ends, not to mention buckets of clay that I really want to use one cone 10 and one cone 6 clay and stick with them for a while. Once the clay is out of the studio, I'll reorganize and get to work.

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