Sunday, July 12, 2009

Centering 4+ Pounds of Clay

Okay, so 4-5 pounds is not a lot of clay to center, but for the new potter (me) it feels like a milestone, an achievement to be rewarded. Until now, most of my pitchers have ended up as small vases, but now I can make a pitcher and it's big enough to pour 4 glasses of lemonade, instead of 4 oz. of cream. I am impressed with myself today. A pitcher, four tumblers and a Havdalah set with a rose stopper for the spicebox.

Peaches are about ready for picking, and new flowers are wild in the front yard today. The turkeys haven't arrived and the bears are only out at night, for now. Life is pretty good. Sophia "reading" her color book, and is saying "kitty", "doggie", "stop it", "give", "I didn't", "hot".

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  1. Nelle,
    So good to hear from you! How is life in NC? Has the recession hit you there? Here, business has been really slow for me, although it has picked up somewhat in the last 2 months. I got a commission to design and produce a special mezuzzah for a brand new JCC in Palo Alto. I did 4 large ones for the new buildings, and small replicas (160) to be given out to donors. I will deliver them at the end of August.
    How is being a grandma, as if I didn't know!! Sol's son now has 3, although it's a unique family situation and we don't get to see them as much as we'd like. I'm so glad you have gotten into pottery- or was this an old hobby for you? I used to dabble in ceramics before I worked in metal- I loved it, but the dust made my asthma worse (doesn't everything?!!) so I traded it for something else which I love, but has as many or more irritants! I hope you enjoy that creative outlet!!

    Take care, and an early L'Shana Tova!!
    Ruth Shapiro