Monday, June 14, 2010

Sometimes Hard to be an Artist

For many years I walked into offices and onto stages and asked a multitude of people to buy my "wares"  I was an actor.  The art of acting requires not only the talent for it, but the internal fortitude to be rejected, face to face, from pillar to post, throughout one's career.  "Fabulous reading, dahling, but can we do something about your hair?"  "You're absolutely right for the part if you were just thinner/heavier/blonder/shorter.   Can you do that for next week?" It wore me down, finally, and I stopped acting.

 Singing with a band proved much easier on the ego and so I stuck with that for a awhile, then moved to Asheville while the band stayed in Los Angeles.

So now I'm a potter. Love it.  The clay, the glaze, the fire.   Love it!!!! Except...."Oh, what a fabulous Seder Plate.  You know, Harry, we really should get one for Shelley's wedding."   "Sam, look at the roses on the Spice Box...oh, that's so beautiful." 

If you saw Saturday's  blog, this is photo was posted.  When I broke this table down on Sunday, it looked EXACTLY the same except that one of the mezzuzahs on the right was gone.

Now in all fairness, I must say that the Clearance Sale ($12.00 or Less) in my studio did very well, and considering the economy, I shouldn't gripe.  It's just that I don't want to stop being a potter.  Should I just put everything on Clearance when it comes out of the kiln?

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